Hypnotherapy is not designed to be long term, and most people are surprised at just how few sessions are needed. Issues such as phobias can often be effectively resolved in just one session.

The initial consultation is free and takes one and a half hours (to discuss issues and take a history). If you need help to make a change and have financial issues, then please still apply, we will do what we can to accommodate everyone.

Standard sessions: £70 each (special Tetbury Osteopaths rate of £50, students & under 16s £35 in all locations). 
These are suitable for most confidence and anxiety related issues. 

All hypnotherapy sessions are one-hour in length and a course of sessions is usually 8 to 12 sessions to effect permanent, positive change. 

Phobias/PTSD:  £180
Initial consultation (free) plus 3 x 1 hour sessions of specialist treatment which remove negative associations and replace with positive behaviour patterns and thoughts.

Smoking Cessation: £200
This is a one off session of two halves; the initial session looks at the reasons for and against smoking and how you think this addiction affects you. The second half is the trance session to effect the change. At the end of the first session, if you are uncommitted to stopping smoking, you may leave without charge.

Confidence Booster: £180
This is a three-hour session for anyone who wants an intensive programme to combat low self-confidence or self-esteem issues. Very useful for those needing a quick result in a short time frame. The session will be tailored to suit your specific issues. Note that top up sessions may be required after this intensive programme, and confidence and self-esteem issues can be effectively resolved through a series of Standard sessions.

Group Sessions:
As a teacher and educator in one way or another I also offer relaxation and exam stress sessions for groups and schools. 18s and under can apply for special rates and I can customise a package to suit your budget and requirements, whether a group of students wanting to manage the stress of exams, or as part of a pamper party.

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