Why people believe in ChangemyLife

After a couple of years of not a lot of sleep. I went to see Miranda. Before the first meeting I was very nervous as I did not know what to expect. On meeting Miranda, I immediately felt at ease as she was very easy to talk to, listened to what I had to say and offered solutions to what seemed a massive deal to me. I saw Miranda for a total of 7 sessions and what a difference it has made to me and my life. I now sleep, I can chuckle at things that really do not matter, I feel so much more confident and better in myself. I would highly recommend Miranda and would like to thank her very much.

TL, Tetbury
Starting out I was sceptical but desperate to try anything after a rough couple of years! I can't believe how effective hypnotherapy has been for me after just 3months. While anxiety can never be cured it can be dealt with, and i'm dealing with it so much better now that I have t
he right tools! Miranda is lovely and put me at ease on first meeting her. Despite my tears, fears and frustrations, I was able to open up to her confidently and without fear of judgement!
CF, Cirencester
Through hypnotherapy, Miranda has completely rid me of my specific anxiety. I knew from my consultation that 'I'd got this' and for the first time in years I'd be free of the anxiety. It was very much put to the test on Monday evening as I was in a position which would normally have given me a dreadful time but I had absolutely no anxiety at all, instead I was laid back and completely calm and happy. I genuinely feel better than I have done in years, I feel really liberated by it. Miranda has been my saviour so I'd advise anyone to contact her, you don't have to live with anxiety, I'm proof that you can get rid of it.
CF, Tetbury
Have been going for a few months now and it really has changed my life. Miranda is lovely and really helps with any problems you have, very kind and very easy to talk too. I'm a totally different person. Would highly recommend to anyone, and have done. Thank you.
SB, Tetbury
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