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Miranda Creed Miles BSc MA Dip....

I am an AfSFH & NCH qualified Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist with the Clifton Practice, in Bristol (CPHT http://www.cpht.co.uk/accreditation-2/), and part time Teacher of Science in Cirencester, with BSc in Biology and Geology (Environmental Science - Joint Honours), PGCE and Masters in Education. 

I have a special interest in stress management, confidence and low self-esteem issues, resulting in anxiety, OCD and negative thought processing. As a teacher I understand the stresses of exams and the effect of social pressure, and offer standard sessions for effective change, as well as a special Confidence Breakthrough Session that might be just right for you. 

Look under “Sessions” for more information. I also have special interest in OCD and hoarding activities and especially good results in these and other effects of anxiety.

Please call, email or text to find out more.

The Previous Stuff 
I became a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist through experience with young people suffering stress and anxiety in school and as a Teacher, knowing there must be a way to help! This reminded me of the great success that my mother experienced through Hypnotherapy, dealing with her phobia of the dentist, which also lowered her anxiety and gave her power over her anxiety related behaviours. Thus I researched the various options, deciding on Solution Focused Hypnotherapy as it uses research and evidence to gain the best results and improve practice. This basis in evidence is important to me as a Science Teacher and academic.

The Personal Stuff Through the Hypnotherapy practice I have come to appreciate the strength and flexibility of the mind to change itself, and create new attitudes and behaviour patterns that affect the change you have decided. This new way of thinking has had a profound effect on me as a practitioner as well as my customers, and I feel privileged to have helped so many people find the path to their real selves

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